Living in New Brunswick: 11 Things to Know Before Moving to New Brunswick [2023]

New Brunswick, New Jersey is a diverse city that offers a rich cultural experience for its residents. If you're planning on moving to this city, here are 11 things to know before you make the move:

1. Rent prices are high

    New Brunswick is a college town, which means that rent prices can be high. Be prepared to pay a premium for living close to the Rutgers University campus.

    2. Public transportation is available

      The New Brunswick train station provides access to New York City and Philadelphia. The city also has a bus system that connects to neighboring towns.

      3. Traffic can be heavy

        Like many cities in New Jersey, New Brunswick can have heavy traffic during rush hour. Plan your commute accordingly.

        4. Crime rates vary

          While crime rates have gone down in recent years, certain areas of New Brunswick still have higher crime rates than others. Be sure to research the area you plan on living in.

          5. Rutgers University is a big part of the city

            Rutgers University is the largest employer in New Brunswick and is an important part of the city's culture.

            6. There are plenty of restaurants

              New Brunswick is known for its diverse culinary scene, with plenty of restaurants offering everything from pizza to sushi.

              7. The city is ethnically diverse

                New Brunswick has a diverse population, with many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds represented.

                8. The arts are thriving

                  New Brunswick is home to several art galleries and theaters, including the State Theatre and the Zimmerli Art Museum.

                  9. There are plenty of parks

                    New Brunswick has several parks, including Boyd Park and Johnson Park, which offer opportunities for outdoor recreation.

                    10. The city is bike-friendly

                      New Brunswick has bike lanes and bike racks throughout the city, making it easy for cyclists to get around.

                      11. The healthcare system is excellent

                        New Brunswick is home to Robert Wood Johnson University Hospital, one of the best hospitals in New Jersey.

                        In conclusion, New Brunswick is a vibrant city with plenty to offer. Be prepared for high rent prices, heavy traffic, and varying crime rates. But, with a thriving arts scene, diverse population, and excellent healthcare system, moving to New Brunswick can be a great experience.

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