Art Seen: Brick City Urban Watercolor Scapes

Art Seen: Brick City Urban Watercolor Scapes

Brick City Urban Watercolor Scapes (BCUWS)  is a collaborative series between photographer and visual artist. These digitally enhanced images from international photographer Luisa Pinzon are silk screen printed and watercolor painted by painter and illustrator Malik Whitaker.  Below you can see images of how it goes from photograph, to line art/screen print and to watercolor painted. Their new series highlights the vibrant colors and diversity of Newark. The artists portray a variety of landmark locations around the city revitalized by splashes of bright water color washes.  

Process for Brick City Urban Watercolor Scapes

The duo of artistry creates colorful pieces of work that share Luisa and Malik’s love of Newark.  Newark Pulse is excited to share our the cover to our guide to Downtown Newark (see below) which showcases their beautiful art. 

The art makes a great statement on your wall or as a gift. You can find prints of these items for sale here:

Newark Pulse guide 2017


Colombian-born photographer, Luisa Fernanda Pinzon, migrated to the United States at age 10. She began her photojournalism career at age 18 when she moved to La Paz, Bolivia in South America to work for their local newspaper. After 2 years, Luisa Pinzon returned to the United States to continue her Photography studies at School of Visual Arts. Afterwards, Pinzon worked as a photo editor at the Star Ledger, followed by working for the Newark Arts Council which gave her the experience to become Gallery Director of French Photo Gallery YellowKorner. Ms. Pinzon’s new endeavors include a full time art career, studio management for International photographer at Mana Contemporary and as a imaging specialist for Bergen county Camera. Pinzon's photography has evolved and developed from a diversity of fields to create her own unique vision.


Malik Whitaker was born and raised in Newark, NJ. He studied advanced art while attending high school at St. Benedicts Prep and later at Rutgers University and the Art Institute of America, along with several artist programs and residencies. From his studies, he has translated his style and technique into a complete disciplinary form. He is also an accomplished muralist whose work can be seen on several buildings, churches and colleges throughout Essex County. Malik is most famous for his “Brick City Project”, a collection of bricks with painted scenes of Newark, which he’s displayed in many galleries and exhibitions around Newark, Jersey City and NYC. The trials and tribulations of living in the inner city has helped to shape Malik’s passion and appreciation for life. He seeks to pass on and inspire positive messages to his community and all who view his works. He currently is the owner of M-Print Art studios in Newark, where he continues to display his art. He is currently mentoring and teaching art to students with physical and mental disabilities and also facilitating workshops in the Newark public school system and charter schools.

Luisa Pinson & Malik Whitaker

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