Moving to Freehold Township NJ: 10 Things to Love About Living in Freehold Township

Freehold Township, located in Monmouth County, New Jersey, is a vibrant community with a rich history and plenty of amenities. From its quaint downtown area to its proximity to the Jersey Shore, there are many reasons to love living in Freehold Township. In this article, we'll explore 10 things to love about living in Freehold Township.

  1. Small-town charm: Freehold Township has a charming downtown area with quaint shops, restaurants, and historic landmarks, such as the Monmouth County Courthouse.
  2. Convenient location: Freehold Township is located near major highways, making it easy to get to nearby cities such as New York and Philadelphia. It's also just a short drive to the Jersey Shore.
  3. Great schools: Freehold Township is home to excellent public schools, including Freehold Township High School, which has consistently been ranked among the top high schools in New Jersey.
  4. Vibrant arts scene: Freehold Township is home to the Count Basie Center for the Arts, which hosts a variety of concerts and shows throughout the year. The township also has a thriving local theater scene.
  5. Outdoor recreation: Freehold Township has several parks and outdoor recreational areas, including Michael J. Tighe Park, which features hiking trails, playgrounds, and sports fields.
  6. Rich history: Freehold Township is home to several historic landmarks, including the Monmouth Battlefield State Park, which played a significant role in the American Revolutionary War.
  7. Diverse community: Freehold Township has a diverse population, with residents from many different ethnic and cultural backgrounds.
  8. Excellent dining options: Freehold Township has a variety of excellent restaurants, ranging from casual eateries to upscale fine dining.
  9. Shopping: Freehold Township is home to the Freehold Raceway Mall, which features over 200 stores, as well as several other shopping centers and boutiques.
  10. Community events: Freehold Township hosts a variety of community events throughout the year, including the Monmouth County Fair and the Freehold Township Day celebration.

Overall, Freehold Township offers a wonderful quality of life with plenty of amenities and a strong sense of community. Whether you're looking for a small-town charm or easy access to major cities and attractions, Freehold Township has it all.

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